My first cyanotype at my home lab

Setting up my own home lab is not easy, especially in the EU. It’s been difficult to find supplies. Used darkroom supplies are rare and pricey. I can’t find digital negative paper anywhere so I have to use paper negs for now and electronics like epson printers are twice as expensive so I’m using a hand me down inkjet all in one and oiling the prints with baby oil! This paper said it was 100 % cotton watercolor, but in the fine print it says it’s also sized with gelatin which makes the texture fucked. There is no art supply store in leuven so today I bike halfway to Brussels to the nearest one! If anyone out there has some old darkroom supplies they are not using, I’ll buy/pay the shipping if you feel like donating/selling to my cause! It’s been a year since my camera broke and I’m losing my mind not making work.